Machine Engineering

Spiral scrapers

In a round clarifier basin, the following types of scrapers can be used: bottom scraper, suction scraper with a vacuum pump, or suction scraper with a submersible pump. The scraper bridge has a truss construction and dimensioned according to the dimensions of the basin.

Longitudinal scrapers and sand trap scrapers

These scrapers are normally used for sand traps and preliminary clarifier basins. Like for the spiral scrapers, either scraper plates or suction scrapers can be installed by Kettenbach-rostfrei. They are operated either by conventional means (wheels and rollers) or by one of three alternatives for nonslip drive.

Gravity thickeners

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Gravity thickeners are used reduce the volume of sludge. Gravity thickeners are dimensioned and constructed according the requirements with respect to the dry matter concentration and the dimensions of the settling basin. We design gravity thickeners with direct flanged axel as well as ones with two motors and ball-bearing connections.

Sand separator

A sand separator is used to separate sand from the sand/water mixture in the sand trap. Depending on the requirements, we produce separators with 35 - 70 m³/h capacity.